a church that prays

Fish swim, birds fly, Christians pray. At Anthem Church we prioritize cultivating a culture of prayer. 


The Lord has put it upon our hearts to unite together as a church family in prayer walks over our community. We have designated the days of Wednesday and Saturday each week for the remainder of June. There will not be a centrally coordinated gathering time or place. The prayer can be done at any point that you are available on those days. Ideally, if you are able to join with someone else and pray together as you walk (or drive/park) around your neighborhood or anywhere the Lord leads you in our community, that would be wonderful. If you aren’t able to coordinate with someone else, please don’t let that stop you from joining in. We will still be praying together, even if we are doing it individually. The purpose of this prayer walking is to be intentionally joining together with the Lord and each other in seeking His plans for this community. 

Here are some ideas to get you started:

• Let’s agree together for the Holy Spirit to wash over the city and the area.

• Holy Spirit to draw people’s hearts after God with hunger and thirst for what only He can provide.

• Powerful salvations and transformation of hearts and lives.

• Abundant fruit to come from this region.

• The power of secrets and lies to be broken.

• Healing and restoration of hearts and relationships.

• Breaking the devil’s deception over people’s hearts and minds so they can see the Lord.

• Breaking down strongholds over Gig Harbor and surrounding areas.

• Breaking the religious spirit and replacement with deep sincerity.

• Truth to be proclaimed all over this region.

• Declare who He is over this region! (He is Love, Hope, Healer, Deliverer, Restorer, etc.)

• Declare that the Kingdom of Heaven is near – pray for His Kingdom & Will to be executed.

• Breaking down barriers and walls in people’s lives.

• Release of courage, boldness and faith on the people of God.

• Holy Spirit baptism, infilling and impartation for young, old and everyone in-between.

• Visions, dreams and Holy Spirit operations and activation to be released.

• Be on the lookout for opportunities to to pray with people as you are on your prayer-walk.

• Pray for Holy Spirit opportunities to share with people as we go about our daily lives.

• Healing of bodies, minds, emotions and spirits.

• The children and the schools, and regarding the curriculum that is being introduced.

• That the truth will prevail.

• The Presence of the Holy Spirit to be so strong that people even driving through Gig Harbor receive salvation and carry Your Holy Spirit with them to begin revival in their communities.

• Strategic placements of Spirit-filled, Kingdom-minded believers in positions of leadership in the city and surrounding areas.

• People in pastoral roles and teachers in every church of this community who know God intimately, who hear Him clearly, and who can accurately, courageously, and without compromise lead people in Truth as their/our churches are filled with people who come to know God.

• That the people of God in this area will not be lukewarm.

• We will learn to walk in love and grace with each other, but without compromising the truth.

• Sincere love for one another as a regional body of believers, and in each church family.

• Childlike joy (sweetness, sincerity, innocence & laughter) to be the flavor of this region.

• That God’s will would reign over our wills.

• Humility and surrender to be the order of the day in the hearts of God’s people.

• All nine the fruits of the Spirit to be evident in God’s people:

• Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.

• The victory of the Lord over this region!

• Read the Word of God aloud.

• Listen to worship music and join in worship as we walk.