We believe in the Biblical example of local churches being governed by a plurality of elders who serve as shepherds and overseers of the congregation. We are so blessed with the quality of leadership the Holy Spirit has raised up here at Anthem Church. We encourage you to follow their example of life and faith.

  • shad & kristin gates

    Shad and Kristin love being part of the Gig Harbor community. They were married in Port Orchard in 2001 and have two children, Asher and Maia. As they have grown together in love for Christ, for one another and for the Church, they have learned to trust the Lord’s continuous leading in their lives and ministry. Shad has a specialty wood floor supply business and works with both domestic and international material producers. Both he and Kristin have a deep heart to fuel and work toward the fulfillment of the Great Commission both locally and in the nations. They believe the Church flourishes as we work together in the power of the Spirit to make disciples. 

  • Marcia Janes

    Marcia was born in Tacoma Washington and moved to Gig Harbor at age 10. After finishing high school she met and married Bob Janes. He was in the Navy and they lived many places until retiring back to Gig Harbor. She worked in banking and in 1979 was radically born again (saved)....that changed her life forever. She has a heart to see Christians completely healed and serving God with their whole hearts. She loves counseling and ministering to people with that goal in mind. She loves her Anthem Church family and prays for us all to become everything God has intended us to be.

  • Cedric & angie van duyn

    Cedric was born in Durban, South Africa and became an active believer at 12. After receiving a powerful infilling of the Holy Spirit, he devoted his teenage years to sharing Jesus with anyone who would listen. During this time his sense of calling to occupational ministry became clear. Upon completion of Bible college, Cedric was ordained as a pastor at Glenridge Church and ministered there for 12 years. 

    Angie was raised in Los Angeles, California and fell in love with Jesus at a very early age. She traveled to South Africa in pursuit of graduate school, but instead found and married Cedric. The Van Duyns were commissioned to the Northwest in 2004. As senior pastors, their lives are devoted to equipping and releasing people into the fullness of God's plan for this region and beyond.

Board Members

The board of Anthem Church serves by providing a rich history of experience from an outside perspective. David has served on the elderships and boards of several significant churches and non-profit organizations. Jacob has been in the trenches of church planting and leading with his family since childhood. Both David and Jacob visit Anthem periodically and share guidance and direction to support our mission.