life groups

Our core strategy for facilitating the building of the church is through Life Groups. This way, every person can enjoy a relational connecting point with the church family, receive the personal ministry that they need, and have opportunity to exercise their gifts in ministry to others in the body.

We are committed to facilitating Life Groups wherever we have a handful of people gathered who are connected to our community. This way we can multiply Kingdom ministry throughout the region as we empower leaders to reach new spheres of influence. Our corporate gathering locations will be determined with a consideration of where the Life Groups are concentrated and new areas where they are expanding into.

The church is the people, while Life Groups, corporate gatherings and training opportunities are the scaffolding that serve to build up the church, which again - is the people!

Find a group to love

  • Women's life group | Gig Harbor

    Life Group Leader: Marcia Janes

    Host: Rickie Orchard

    Meeting: 2nd & 4th Tuesday of each month

    Time: 1 PM

    Address: 3711 109th St Ct, Gig Harbor, 98332

    Contact Rickie for directions: 253-225-2048

    Contact Marcia for directions: 253-851-7844


    Life Group Leaders: Will & Judy Zimmer

    Hosts: Les & Carolyn Lott, and Shad & Kristin Gates

    Meeting: Every 1st & 3rd Wednesday

    Time: 6 PM

    Contact Carolyn for directions: 253-509-0381


    Life Group Leader: Carol BoRich

    Meeting: 2nd & 4th Tuesday of each month

    Time: 6:30 PM

    Location: Peninsula Lutheran Church

    Address: 6509 38th Ave, Gig Harbor, WA 98335

    Contact Carol: 253-278-3362

  • Young families | gig harbor

    It's 7 AM. You woke up late and you still need to get the lunches made, homework sheets signed, serve a healthy breakfast, and wrangle tangled heads of hair. You rush downstairs. No one is on schedule. Back upstairs to wake the troops. The lego. Your foot. The pain. At that moment you  think to yourself, I really need to start that chore chart. You go bedside to wake up your "morning person" kid. They roll over, emerging from the deep sleep only a child enjoys. One word stutters out of their mouth, "Saturday." 

    Children are a blessing. As believers we are called to raise them to be like Jesus. That's not always easy but it is always rewarding. We are a group of parents that meet with the purpose of encouraging one another and sharing really good food. If you have kids at home, like to be encouraged, and enjoy eating desserts from the Met Market - we are the tribe for you. Email for more details.